Dr. Monika Hein - Speaker. Trainer. Voice.


… the tone-setter

… the expert on speaking with your heart

… the mentor for delightful speaking


… how to achieve your very own strength of tone

… how to tune your vocal mixing board at any time

… how you finally dare to speak up!


… will improve your self-management in crucial vocal situations

… will train your vocal artisanry

… will form „say-it-alls“ from „know-it-alls“


For your event, the unique talks with the „anti-mumbling-factor“ are available in English or German.

Watch two of my talks here:


With utter conviction

How to keep a strong voice in weak moments.

Full-throatedness can sound gentle

How to make your personality resound.

Speaking moves

Underestimated effect levels.

What a wonderful talk! I really enjoyed your voice, the structure and the practical exercises. What a joy!

Gitta Kleinesper, Outfit Support, Hamburg

It was a perfect talk – knowledgeable, diverting and authentic. Thank you so much for putting together this great networking-evening for us. I think you may have acquired lots of fans.

Martina Plag, Hachenberg und Richter Unternehmensberatung, Hamburg

Thank you for an interesting evening! I went home in a great mood.

Rieka Meetz-Schawaller, HSH Nordbank AG

Thanks a lot for this wonderful and impressive evening with so many fresh insights. Truly one of a kind and amazing!!!

Jutta Wiedersprecher, Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg

Your talk was amazing and I enjoyed the use of examples from everyday life. It shows that we have to question things a lot more. We need our voice to achieve something. I was able to give a presentation in front of 50 people a few days later and it was great. My voice was there, loud and vivacious, so I can do it. For that, I am truly thankful.

Leena van der Made, Fine Artist


My voice- , speech- and presentation trainings show my participants what a voice can do, how many facets it has and how powerful speech can be.

Afterwards, they will be able to use their vocal mixing desk in an inspiring and uplifting way and feel comfortable and confident on whatever stage their career might put them on. That way, business deals simply fall in place, relations are formed, a living, breathing network develops.


Your voice is able to do so much more than you may have thought! Together, we will make you speak confidently in front of people, entrain them at the first word and inspire them.

Discover your vocal potential with me. And look forward to experiencing how enjoyable that is.

– voice- and speech coaching
– personality coaching
– coaching for presentations and performances
– appreciative speech


If you´re looking for a deep, warm and cordial voice, you’ve come to the right person.

As a speaker I work in voice acting, voiceover, product- and corporate videos as well as in in advertising. Hear sound samples in the german section. 


1995 to 1997

Musical theatre at Hamburg Stage School

Jazz-choirs, jazz dance, acting and solo singing paved my way to the speaker´s stage.

1997 to 2001

I further explored the phenomenon of the voice at Hamburg University, studying phonetics: PhD on respiration, as measured in musical performers

2002 to 2004

I worked as a speech therapist for the „Hamburg association of kindergartens“.

In 2004 I took the leap into freelancing.

Since 2004

I am a freelance speaker, trainer, coach and voice artist.


Certification: Business Trainer at „V.I.E.L. Coaching and Training“

and „dvct e.V.“


Certification: Business Coach at „V.I.E.L Coaching and Training“.

The „Lautstark-method“ was awarded the „qualified product“ signet by the German association for coaching and training, dvct.


Publication „Speaking like a pro! Interactive training for an amiable voice (Campus Verlag)

2015 to 2016

CVT intensive study year. Vocal training using the Complete Vocal Technique.


Regarding booking requests for trainings or coaching, please contact buero@monikahein.de

Regarding expert advice and voice acting inquiries, please contact mail@monikahein.de

Phone +49 179 3910038

My office is located at Poststraße 14-16 in 20354 Hamburg, Germany.

Berlin office: c/o Ulrike Scheuermann, Hildegardstraße 31, 10715 Berlin